As I write the title of this blog post, I can’t help but think that it is a bit odd to talk about “the power of the seed.”

How powerful can a seed be?

When I think of power, my mind conjures up images of marching armies, tanks, maybe even nuclear bombs. Maybe I’ve watched too many war movies.

How about the halls of congress, where laws are written and decisions are made that change our lives? Surely these things speak of power. But a seed? Really?

Speaking of the power of a seed goes against most rational thought. A seed is exceptionally small. It is dry and hard, seemingly dead. If it is like most seeds, it is quite lacking in color, appearing to have little or no connection to any living thing.

But, we know from experience that when a seed is placed in the ground, something magical happens. The outer shell softens, breaks open, and from inside the seed something begins to swell. Soon, a tiny sprout emerges. Somehow, that insignificant sprout makes its way toward the surface and it is then that we can see life emerging. It starts with just a leaf or two. It is hard to see what it is going to become, but it is obviously no longer just a seed. It is now something alive and growing.

In Genesis 3:15 we read the account of God speaking to the serpent, following the eating of the forbidden fruit.  God said to the serpent, “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel.”

So Satan achieved his short-sighted goal by causing Adam and Eve to sin, and with that one act, bringing sin into a world that had been utterly perfect. Little did he know that at the same time, he had insured his own undoing. The woman’s seed, spoken of in Genesis 3, is Christ. The woman was now fated to bear children in pain, but the seed that would be born from woman, many generations later, would crush Satan’s head. The resurrection of Christ from the dead defeated Satan, once and for all time.

So, we ask ourselves again: how powerful can a seed be?

The truth is astounding.

With that first sin, God had already planted the seed of our redemption. He had a plan to rescue us that was already set in motion.

Jesus spoke about seeds in more than one parable. He spoke about planting seeds, some of which grew and some which either did not grow, or which died. He spoke about the mustard seed, saying that the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed.

What IS the power of the seed? Given the proper planting and growing conditions, a seed WILL become what it is destined to become. A kernel of wheat will become a wheat plant. A daisy seed will become a daisy.

If you have been born again, the seed of Christ is in you. Do you realize how powerful that is? Much as we worry and fret about our lives, there is a power at work within us that is greater than anything we can imagine.  

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