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Missions and individual missionaries have always been close to the heart of Bethel Assembly. Bethel supports several mission works, helping to fulfill our own mission statement: to passionately move forward with God, rescue those in need, and together experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ. At the present time, our primary focus is on the continent of Africa, for the purpose of reaching unreached people groups.

Nate and Heidi Hinton and AIM

Nate and Heidi Hinton and family are missionaries with Africa Inland Mission (AIM). After several years of church ministry in the USA, they were called to ministry in Africa. Having spent 5 years in various support ministries in Kenya, Nate and Heidi feel led to lay aside their familiar “fishing nets” and join a cutting edge missionary training and church planting ministry within AIM called Training In Ministry Outreach, or TIMO.

TIMO focuses on three things: missionary training in multinational teams, church planting, and unreached people groups.

There are over 900 people groups in Africa who are yet to be reached with the Gospel. AIM is committed to focusing its people and resources toward bringing a knowledge of Christ to these peoples, and TIMO is a major vehicle for that to happen. Once a location has been established, a multinational TIMO team arrives in a community and immerses itself into it…living with the people and learning the local dialest and culture.

From day one, TIMO teams engage the culture with the love of Christ while going through a rigourous and practical missionary training program that no traditional Bible college anywhere can come close to.

TIMO has placed over 40 teams from the deserts of North Africa all the way to the mountains of Lesotho. Thousands have come to know Christ, dozens of indigenous churches have been planted, and hundreds of missionaries been trained.

Teams also bring a valuable and appropriate tangible blessing to each location which could take the form of teaching, farming, water, or community health projects, to name a few.

With the incredible success that TIMO has been blessed with, AIM wants to accelerate the number of new TIMO teams started each year. This requires an incredible amount of organization, planning, and logistical work which Nate and Heidi have committed to fully give themselves to over the next few years.

From their home base in Tanzania, Heidi will spend her time doing finances and assisting with the administration for TIMO, while Nate will spend much of his time on the road (and far beyond the road) surveying team locations, building community relations, and preparing accomodations prior to teams arriving.

Nathan and Karen Rasmussen and Missions Training Program

“Training the reached of Africa to reach the unreached.”  Nathan and Karen work together with Tori, Eirik, and others to motivate the African church through mission seminars, mission schools, and development projects to see the unreached people groups (UPGs) of Africa reached for Christ.  They also continue to work with Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa (PEFA) in East and Central Africa in Bible School training, church planting, refugee work, etc.

Sand Hill Lake Bible Camp

The purpose of Sand Hill Lake Bible Camp is to promote faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ, as personal Savior through Christ-centered camps, retreats, prayer meetings, Bible studies, and other functions related to religious activities, and educational purposes.

The idea of a camp was born in 1968 with the purchase of a 212 acre farm on Sand Hill Lake, just six miles south of Fosston. The following year, Hill River Tabernacle was donated to the camp and moved to the property, with the help of many volunteers from Bethel Assembly.

Since that time, the camp has grown, and there have been many upgrades to the property. Several camps are held each summer, including family camp, teen camps, and kids camps.

Learn more about the camp by visiting the SHLBC website.

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